Welcome to the Vespa Club of Ireland.

The Vespa Club of Ireland is a national network of genuine Vespa enthusiasts which was formally re-established in 2006/7 and although we can trace our roots back to the original scooter boom of the 1950's, when the Vespa Club of Ireland was first conceived, it wasn't until the scooter craze which began building momentum in the late 1990’s that the club was kick-started back into life again after a long intermission thanks to a broad spectrum of passionate and like-minded Vespisti from all over the country who came together as a result of a healthy discussion on “Scoot Eireann”, the thriving online Irish scootering hub at the time.

As an avid member of the Vespa World Club; a global conduit for interaction between national Vespa Clubs, something our members qualify for automatic membership of, our main goal is to promote the Vespa lifestyle and heritage in Ireland, not only do we help connect and support enthusiasts at home, but also assist our friends visiting from abroad, and by becoming part of this extended Vespa “family” we also get to enjoy the same level of congeniality and hospitality from our fellow members when travelling abroad.

Today's members benefit from:
Membership Card & Number
Various discounts from a number of scooter-relevant retailers
Discounts on VCI merchandise
Online Forum for networking and support (Coming Soon)
Free Membership to the Vespa World Club Club (ROI members only)
Dating Certificates
Local club connections

We're also a useful resource when it comes to either preserving and restoring older vehicles, or just keeping newer ones on the road. Members get to share in the wealth of shared valuable knowledge and combined expertise built up over decades.

Once you take out membership you’ll also get access to the VCI member’s Facebook group. You can enrich the group with your Vespa stories, share ideas, ask questions, arrange meet ups, advertise items wanted or for sale, post photos or just chat with colleagues. All with a reasonable degree of privacy!

The Vespa is more than just a machine, it’s the original social network!